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The Vault

few sample images used in the installation tubes and ceiling:


video documetation by miklos legrady

This project investigates the dynamic tension between creation and destruction, preservation and change. Viewers will navigate through a photo-based light box and sound installation that presents a surreal world of frozen seeds and suspended floating roots. These sublime images of life in temporary suspension are embedded in long tubes that create distortions of reality and are accompanied by the sounds of the internal human landscape.

The Vault is located in a subterranean concrete space below Nathan Phillips Square, reminiscent of the global seed banks that inspired the work. The vaults are icons of mankind’s impact on the natural world. Built in preparation for an environmental disaster of doomsday proportions, they hold the promise of life and immortality.


Sponsored by the City of Toronto for Nuitblanche 2012, End of the World exhibition, Zone Monumental, Nathan Phillips Square
Curators: Janine Marchessault and Michael Prokopow

construction assistant: Jesse Albert
With support from Kristine Germann, Joe Sellors, and Michelle Lun

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