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I am a photo-based artist living in Toronto.  My most recent photographic art projects involve creating site specific multimedia installations with the use of photo light boxes and ambient sounds. Although the motivation behind my art originates from my interest in the relationship between the socio-political economy and how it affects our health and the environment, I am equally interested in how the aesthetics of art can function as a portal to an experience beyond  a straightforward cognitive event. In this, my work blurs fact with fiction, empirical evidence with fantasy, exposing and exploiting the cracks in the divide.

My projects begin with research; for example, my recent interest in the implications of contemporary agricultural practices on local economies and individual health. However, my art work aims to generate images that function beyond research documentation or didactic representation but rather create an access point for an “affective” experience.  For these experiences to unfold, I seek to breakdown the boundaries of the art as mere objects or images to passively contemplate. By combining photographic images with three-dimensional sculptural components, soundscapes, colour and light effects, and altered scale, I aim to create an immersive, sensory environment that serves as a gateway to an experience that is simultaneously imaginative and tactile, affecting the viewer's mind and body. Thus, in designing a space for interactive engagement, the photographic ‘still’ is activated and the viewer is made integral to the generation and negotiation of meaning in the work.

I was born  in Rochester, N.Y. and hold a Masters in Fine Arts from York University and a BFA from Ryerson University's Image Arts. I studied political science and geology at SUNY Potsdam, where I  graduated with a BA in 1994.

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